Lady Musgrave – Part 1

By | November 1, 2016

When we visited Lady Musgrave last year we knew we’d be back.  Lady Musgrave is a coral cay.  It has a tiny sand island at the end of its big blue lagoon with a coral reef surrounding the lagoon.  We have just enjoyed such a memorable three days there … again.

We arrived at Pancake Creek after leaving Yellow Patch.  Another motor-sail but we did catch dinner with a nice spanish mackerel caught along the way.  Over sundowners on Chances with Pas de Chat we planned our Lady Musgrave visit.  (Annie even went to the trouble of providing canapés … with pancakes … we were in Pancake Creek!)  We had a weather window over the next few days so it was to be a 5.15 am departure from Pancake Creek.  The distance to Lady Musgrave was 38 nm and with a low tide in the middle of the day we would arrive just in time for a snorkel.  (Each side of low tide has the best snorkelling visibility.) Perfect!

And it was just that!

We snorkelled each day with turtles, even my favourite clownfish, along with a variety of tropical fish including fish we hadn’t seen before.  Some of my snorkelling pics …

And my clownfish …

This time of year is perfect for Lady Musgrave as the green turtles are mating and have just started to nest.  Not to mention the bird life.  The brown booby and black noddy birds are prolific and there’s a hype of activity with their nest building and feeding.  The pisonia trees on the island house both types of birds.  There are nests everywhere.

However, with this visit, the turtles were definitely the highlight.  There was so much mating in the outer pale blue shallows of the lagoon. We kayaked and dinghy drifted around them.  They were easily disturbed so no motors.  There was so much more turtle activity than this time last year.  When I checked our dates, we were one week earlier that 2015.

You will have to wait for the next post (as I’ve overloaded this post with so many photos) … for all the turtle fun!