Ile des Pins

By | June 7, 2017

It seems like we have been in New Cal forever!  Not sure if that is a good thing.  The days do seem to blend in to each other.

We left Noumea less than a week ago.  With a wind change our anchorage became quite lumpy to the point I was getting sea sick writing my last blog post.  After several visits outside inhaling some fresh air in between trying to navigate my way around the local internet options, I managed to put the post together.  Internet is by the hour on our local SIM card and involves texting numbers and codes.  Can be difficult when you are not understanding the French messages!

Our first sail was to be to Baie de Prony where we were catching up with Easy Tiger and Aqualibrium.  So after some provisioning at the Noumea market and supermarket and the local patisserie, we collected our laundry, filled up with fuel and ventured out of Port Moselle.

After so much planning and decision-making leading up to this trip, Neville and I were really ready to ‘plonk’!  As we approached ET and AQ, Leanne suggested we share a bottle of champagne to personally celebrate our joint achievement (and her massive mud crab catch).  How could I refuse.  Neville and I needed to ‘recharge’ our batteries so our plan was to sit in Baie de Prony for a few days.  However, we woke to both boats pulling up their anchors, so we did too.

We are now enjoying Ile des Pins (Isle of Pines).  It’s very obvious why Captain Cook named this island as he did in 1774.  Our first stop was Kuto and as we approached the bay, we were greeted with pines on all the small islands around us.  Baie de Kuto has a long white sandy beach lined with palm trees.  Just like what we all imagine the South Pacific looks like.  The sand reminds us of Whitehaven Beach at home.  The island is very low key, with little shopping and accommodation.  We have enjoyed a few drinks and a coffee (Neville is finding the French coffee very milky) sitting at the only hotel right on the water and we have walked to the two small stores where we have found some local produce to stock up our supplies … and more importantly, their freshly baked baguettes.  We also hired a car for a day.  We think we drove on every road the island has.

We are now anchored in the Baei de Gadj at the northern tip of Ile des Pins.  We followed some waypoints given to us by another Rally boat, picking our way through the island’s surrounding reef to get to this lovely turquoise bay.  Thank you Lickity Split Take 2.  We all caught a fish on the way here and we gathered on one of the sandy beaches for a fire last night enjoying dinner and some tunes with Neville on his guitar.

And we have phone coverage … which means internet … by the hour!

It can’t always be paradise I suppose.  It’s overcast today and blowing!  We are all enjoying some quiet time, hoping the weather will suit some great snorkeling nearby tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Ile des Pins

  1. Annie

    Sounds fabulous.
    “Chances” anchored today at Paradise Point today only to be met by Jim and Jan on land. (I am driving up on Friday)
    Cheers Annie

  2. JA

    Looks idyllic! After all the planning!! Enjoy.

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