Family Matters

By | July 21, 2017

I am writing this post while sitting out a blow in Baie Uere, just south of Noumea.  We have had a few glorious days of sunshine and calm waters, but we knew we needed a secure anchorage for last night as we had a forecast of 20-30 knots for today. Sure enough, it blew up, as forecast, at 5 am this morning.

Today will be a day of  ‘cuppas’, scrabble, reading, movies and eating.  And blog posts.  Waiting for this wind to abate.  And maybe some internet …

We have Abbey and Joanne on board.  Our first and possibly only guests on this trip.  Our thoughts have turned to our New Cal’ departure and Vanuatu.  We can only stay 90 days in New Cal’ and 30 days in Vanuatu (to extend we are required to pay exorbitant taxes).  Our weather windows will be our priority and thus we can’t have timelines.

So, back to our guests. What great food we’ve had … prawn risotto, Thai green curry, orange carrot salad, zucchini lemon & mint salad and a panzanella salad … just to name a few!  Thankyou Joanne!!

We have visited some of the ‘local’ islands and seen a few sights around Noumea including the Cultural Centre and we were lucky enough to join in the Bastille Day celebrations.  Lots of swimming and snorkeling.

Up until now I haven’t mentioned a few ‘challenges’ that we have had to tackle on this trip.  With Abbey and Joanne coming over, I was sure my stories could put them off even swimming, so I’ve waited until their arrival.

One is the tricot-raye … the sea snake.  I’m not that keen on snakes, in fact I’ve never seen one at home in the wild, but within the first few weeks I’d seen quite a few here.  One in the pool at Ile Maitre, one while walking along the pristine Kuto beach, one on our hill climb at Ile Mato, one trying to ‘climb’ The Albatross’s hull (unsuccessfully) and one baby one had even snuck in to our dinghy!

Yes, they are harmless – I know they cannot bite, I know they are not aggressive and they are definitely very pretty with their stripes … but!!

Joanne had been here all of five minutes when she spotted one in the water behind me swimming.  Then we visited Amedee where the girls were greeted with quite a few.  I think we are all quite relaxed about the tricot-rayes now.


6 thoughts on “Family Matters

  1. john mills

    i would not like snakes either l have only seen them and heard them close a few times .There are lots of things i would rather see .I guess you can’t always have good weather so it is good to be safe in shelter when possible .hope good weather for the trip home. John

  2. Amanda Post author

    Thanks John. Good to hear from you. I think the sunny days are outnumbering the cloudy ones. A

  3. Steve

    I assume the snakes can not be put on the menu …especially with super chef there!!! Wonderful to hear of the amazing experience. Steve

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Steve. Super chef gone … just have to survive on our own now. Go Dees!! Ax

  4. Greg

    Looks and sounds like you are having an amazing adventure. You’ve done it again!!!!

    1. Amanda

      Good to hear from you Greg (& Lynn). About to leave Noumea for 3/4 weeks south. Revisit a few favourite spots. Then to Vanuatu at the end of August. A&Nx

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