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Gadji is such a beautiful spot!  Has to be one the best anchorages we have not only seen in New Cal, but anywhere!

We are back at Ile des Pins, anchored at Gadji in the ‘inner’ anchorage, with Sans Souci and Easy Tiger.  It is times like these that we cats appreciate our shallow draft.  The monos generally have trouble getting in here because it’s so shallow.  We negotiated the reef with me playing ‘spotter’ at the bow as we entered, following our waypoints and always on a rising high tide.

We are in a bay totally surrounded by small ‘mushroom’ islands.  The gaps between these islands are narrow so we are protected from all winds.  The water is so clear and with a white sandy bottom, only 2+ meters deep, we feel like we are sitting in big swimming pool, especially when the sun is shining. There are numerous reefs, both around the islands and at the outer reef we crossed to enter, where we can snorkel.  All a short dinghy ride away.

We have enjoyed some beach fires and kayaking, meeting other yachties (from Belguim, California and Aus) who are also anchored here.   A bit of excitement too with a sea rescue.  The Bossas and San Soucians, with portable VHFs and ‘binos’ on board, went looking for a Belgian couple who hadn’t returned from a stand-up paddle board trip after 3 hours. All ended well with us collecting a concerned Bau in our dinghy, only to find Corine had made it back to Vaa Nui on her own.  They were very appreciative, offering us a glass of champagne to thank us (an Australian Siromet).

But it’s the snorkelling we will remember.  We’ve snorkelled four times at Gadji.  All ‘expeditions’ were fantastic but the two trips to the reef just near our boats were brilliant.  An endless coral garden!  Huge drop-offs, such deep blue water, an amazing array of colorful coral and while not big fish, many different fish. I’ve found many families and different species of my favorite clownfish and also another fish that I haven’t seen before, a clown triggerfish. The intricate patterns on this fish are amazing.  It’s my no.1 fish now!  (See my next post.)

We will be sad to leave here!  Here’s a few snorkelling pics …

We left Gadji at 6 am this morning.  One of my very few sunrises here in New Caledonia!


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  1. Tess and John

    Amazing, love reading your blogs and seeing the fantastic photos!

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