By popular demand!

By | September 19, 2017

Cats in the Rally …

By popular demand …

Neville’s “unoriginal musical score with original words” performed to the tune of Harry Chapin’s ‘Cats in the Cradle’.  


Johnny Eyebrow planned a rally just the other day

To sail to New Cal in the usual way

But there were boats to prepare and bills to pay

The chances of us going were a world away

But we were talking to each other and soon we knew

That we’d get to New Cal too and we’d sail on to Vanuatu



And the cats in the rally and the monos too

Little boats tryin’ to do what big boats do

We know we’re gonna get there but we don’t know when

We’ll see you in Noumea when, we’ll know how to party then


Easy Tiger hatched a plan, they were gonna go

But they wanted their hand held and we couldn’t say no

Aqualibrium and Skellum put their hats in the ring

Zofia and Sans Souci added lots of zing

Bossa Nova was committed before we knew

We said, we’ll come along with you, and we’ll sail on to Vanuatu


Aqualibrium and Two Up were the ones to beat

But leaving a week early was a bit of a cheat

We thought that Frozzie might be last in the fleet

But Skedaddle without motor took an even week

With Forfar’s dodgy forestay Squander could have lost the lot

Newbies Supa Trooper learned a lot and Cruising Kitty was in every shot


There were lots of others, it was quite a fleet

Eating, drinking, being social, it was such a treat

Island anchorages that were quite pristine

With crystal clear water to complete each scene

We’ve snorkeled and we’ve kayaked and we’ve walked a lot

And we’ve even hatched a two-year plot

Cos’ we’ll come back for another shot!


5 thoughts on “By popular demand!

  1. Ian Sulley

    Brilliant!!!!!…..just wish we were there to hear the live version!!!!
    Hope you guys are well and what a trip you are having!!!!
    Go the Crows!!!
    Stay safe
    Sulls and Soozy

    1. Amanda

      Hi guys. Yes he did a great job with the song. Leanne has a video but internet here so lousy she won’t be able to add it to FB. Go the Cats & Tigers!! Remember I’m a Melbourne footy fan!! Thnx for the comments too. Ax

  2. John Hembrow

    Love this 🙂 well not sure about the “Johnny Eyebrow” bit , just kidding , how clever you are !
    Can`t wait to get a copy of the video 🙂

    1. Amanda Post author

      Ha! Thanks Johnny Eyebrow! Neville has enjoyed the guitar this trip & had a lot of fun writing Cats in the Rally. Video coming!

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