Back to where it started …

By | November 8, 2017

Welcome to … such a lovely place …

We are back ‘home’ … at The Boatworks.  It all started here way back in April and it’s finishing here too. Time for our 6 months’ adventure on land now.

3,500 nautical miles on the clock and 145 days away.

2017 will be remembered for the Go East Rally.  We had such an adventure with new and old friends cruising the South Pacific this year. There were so many great times, places and memories that will be talked about in years to come.

Thankyou to John and Leanne Hembrow (Go East Rally) who introduced us to a cruising ground that perhaps we may never have seen, if not for the Rally.

New Caledonia and Vanuatu offered totally different experiences, but both were certainly worth travelling the miles to see.  Highlights?  There were so many.  Neville was very keen on visiting Tanna, in Vanuatu, to see the Mt. Yasur volcano and it did not disappoint.  The clear azure waters of New Caledonia’s Gadji, Ile des Pins, the Southern Lagoon and Ouvea were a standout for me.  The underwater photography opportunities were endless.  Vanuatu offered us their people and culture. Our visits to the villages meeting the chiefs and the ni-Van villagers was so different to anything we’d done before.

Remember, we did all this on our own boat The Bossa Nova, after our 3-year build on our 10-acre property.  The Bossa turned 4 years old just the other day. What a journey we’ve had! To put it in perspective for all you non sailors … we have travelled 6,480 kilometres (3,500 nautical miles) in 145 days … at approximately 13.7 kmh per hour (7.4 nautical miles p/h) hour).

Just a brief mention about our ‘home’ here at The Boatworks. Their catch-cry is “Welcome to Australia’s Greatest Boatyard”.  It certainly is.  There’s just as much socialising here as out on the water and each year we are meeting more and more yacht owners who bring their boats here for work and storage. (We store The Bossa on the hardstand for 6 months while we are home in Victoria.)

It is a standard ‘joke’ amongst us now how one song seems to capture The Boatworks experience … Hotel California. Maybe it’s these lyrics in particular …

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!

So Neville came up with his own Boatworks tribute verse (to the tune of Hotel California of course) …


Boatworks is the yard we use cos’ its got it all

Meet lots of great people and trades for jobs big and small

It seems such a great place, bathrooms and cars laid on

But the problems can seem to arise when you’d like to be gone

Is that really the invoice? Do I need all that done?

Thought I had such a tiny list, but the work goes on and on

Endless time and money, difficult to believe

You can check out any time you like, but you can never really leave!


Living it up at the boat yard, known as Boatworks

Any time of year, you will find us here

Can’t get away for the boat yard, known as Boatworks

It’s a lovely day, when we finally sail away!




4 thoughts on “Back to where it started …

  1. Kerry Wellington

    Amazing trip! Very inspirational!

    Thank you Amanda and Neville for sharing your journey complete with beautiful pictures and insightful tips, we are looking at the Calendar…

    Kerry and Bryn

  2. Amanda

    Thank you Kerry for your kind words! It was an amazing trip and we are so glad we did it. Your turn next maybe? Catch up on the water one day. Amanda

  3. Leanne Hembrow

    It was so lovely to meet you both, it was a pleasure to introduce you to a our sailing playgrounds. I am so pleased you met so many beautiful life friends to share it with. Enjoy family and friends much love Leanne

    1. Amanda Post author

      Thanks Leanne. I’m just completing by photo book on last year’s adventure … all those memories! A

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