the highs and the lows

By | September 23, 2018

It has been a rollercoaster ride over the last few weeks here in the Whitsundays.

There are a few ‘safe havens’ in these waters.  When the wind blows too hard, we yachties look for shelter (contrary to what some think … we don’t like strong wind either). Nara, Macona and Gulnare Inlets, along with Cid Harbour, are the ‘go-to’ anchorages.

We have spent quite a few nights here in Cid and there can be up to 70 boats at times if there’s a blow.  Cid Harbour is a bay on the western side of Whitsunday Island. It has the Whitsunday Peak walk (which I did with Abbey a few weeks ago, stunning views of the surrounding islands), Sawmill Beach, dinghy rides to Lady Islet for oysters, sunsets and it’s usually calm. Cid Harbour is a pretty and serene anchorage.

However, if you haven’t already heard, there have been three shark attacks here in Cid Harbour over the last two weeks.  Two in 24 hours a few days ago, both people from charter yachts.  Fortunately, no one has died, but two people have been airlifted to the Mackay hospital by helicopter and are in a serious condition. The locals will tell you, it’s unheard of in these waters.  Baited hooks have been set on drum lines by the Fisheries people and are being monitored. As we came in to Cid Harbour this afternoon we heard that a fourth Tiger Shark had been caught today.

All very scary.  Everyone has been warned.  The daily charter boat scheds’ now include a warning about swimming in Cid Harbour and nearby, and we have all been reminded that we should not swim at dusk anywhere … it’s feeding time. We will continue to visit Cid Harbour but we certainly won’t be cooling off in the water

On a lighter note, The Bossa’s rollercoaster ride has included chasing phone and TV reception around the Whitsundays.  My beloved Demons (Melbourne FC) made the finals. Oh the nerves … Go Dees!  We won the first two finals, but unfortunately got dumped last night big time.  After managing ‘dualling iPads’ for the first two finals (one each, and they always seemed to be out of sync), we booked in to the Port of Airlie Marina for yesterdays big game, the Preliminary Final … on TV.  There’s always next year!  I’ve probably saved myself a thousand or so as I don’t need to fly home for the GF now.