Fitzroy Reef … day two!

By | October 31, 2018

We loved Fitzroy Reef.  The lagoon has a white sandy bottom, such clear water and so much reef to explore.  I had snorkeled every day for a week now I think. Was I snorkeled out yet? Nearly. If Heron Island was all about big fish, Fitzroy was about the little fish.

After a long 2-hour snorkel at Fitzroy on our second day I had a blister from the fins and my nose was running like a tap. As for my ‘boat boy’ … “That’s enough for me”, he said, “my mouth tastes like rubber, my feet are rubbing on the fins, my ears are filling up with water … that’s it!”  And he’d hardly snorkeled!!

If Heron Island was all about big fish, Fitzroy was all about the little fish …

When we were in New Caledonia last year I enjoyed some great snorkeling around the Gadji lagoon. Big drop-offs, coral gardens and a variety of fish.  One of my favourite snaps was of the White-maned Anemonefish and its unusual anemone. It was like a donut, with the anemone tentacles growing from the centre (I’ve included a pic below). While snorkeling at Fitzroy I was lucky enough to spot a similar anemone, once again, with the White-maned Anemonefish.  But this anemone had a deep red outer, with the green anemone tentacles growing from the centre.  Not far away I encountered a similar but bigger anemone, perhaps an older one.  These certainly make for interesting viewing.

Next up, Lady Musgrave Island!


2 thoughts on “Fitzroy Reef … day two!

  1. Carmel Mcinneny-Mcrae

    Oh Amanda that looks amazing, so clear. I love the green tentacles. Might have to get an underwater camera?
    X C

  2. Amanda

    Ahhh … good to hear from you! Thankyou for the comment. Love my Olympus TG4 camera. So much to see under the water up here and I’m really enjoying the photography. My blog is my “photo album”. A

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