Fitzroy Reef … loved it!

By | October 30, 2018

Entering the Fitzroy Reef lagoon entrance on dead low tide made it quite spectacular. Once inside, it was a glass-out! Not a breath of wind.  Absolute perfect outer reef weather … whoopee!

After a 3-hour motor on flat oily water from Heron Island, we followed Take It Easy through the somewhat narrow Fitzroy lagoon entrance, with both cats taking pics of each other as well as watching the passing reef in awe. Not to mention a healthy dose of fear for Neville at the helm.

I just had to include these passage and lagoon entrance photos … capturing such calm seas out in the middle of the ocean!

Cruising with another boat has its bonuses … photos!  Thankyou Chris!

We enjoyed a wonderful two days at Fitzroy Reef.  It was our first visit whereas TIE had visited before.  There’s something surreal about sitting in the middle of the ocean with no land around you, nor as far as you can see.  The Fitzroy lagoon has no island, just a large surrounding reef. I woke one morning at dawn and decided to take some sunrise photos. It was so quiet, not a breath of wind, but when you listened carefully you could hear the crashing waves on the surrounding reef.  Yet we were sitting in a millpond. Fitzroy is also a popular fisherman’s overnight stop for surrounding reef fishing and fishing here is allowed, so it was no surprise at the lack of big fish in the lagoon, unlike Heron Island.

Hmmm … I’ve realised I’ve got quite a few pics to share from our Fitzroy experience, so here’s a taste, with more to come in another post … ‘day two’ …

I even managed a 5 am sunrise … just for some photos!

Take It Easy left for Lady Musgrave Island on our second morning.  We planned on catching up again at Musgrave, along with our friends Barb and Terry on WhiskersWhiskers had just returned from New Caledonia and Vanuatu, so an opportunity to share some memories from our trip last year.

My second day Fitzroy pics will be in my next post …







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  1. Chris on Take It Easy

    Great collection. Love the blue sponges under the plate corals. Had not spotted these before. And the Christmas Tree Worms which we did see… Nice series, Amanda!

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