my underwater world … part one

By | October 19, 2018

Snorkeling has become my number one activity when I’m on The Bossa.  I’ve mentioned how disappointing and sad the state of the Great Barrier Reef is around the Whitsundays.  The silt and algae, along with the damaged coral, will be having a big impact on the tourism there.  However, back south, here at GKI, it has been a treat.

The water here has been so clear, so along with some sunny skies and low tides, the snorkeling has been lovely.

My number one toy on The Bossa is my Olympus TG4 underwater camera.  It is very much my “cannot do without” possession when on our boat and in the water. After the snorkel, then there’s the photo sorting and editing.  Then Instagram and my blog. Lots to do!

This season a few other things have come in to play. I’ve discovered my eyesight is slowly getting worse so the ‘point and shoot’ idea is all very well, but if I can’t see where to point, it becomes a bit troublesome.  Hence, I use the sequential camera setting and take heaps of photos!  If you take my deteriorating eyesight in to account and the fact that fish are quick, I do need to take many many photos.  I can then pick out the ‘hits’ amongst the ‘misses’ and believe you me, there are many more misses that hits!  However, if I get 10 great ones out of 200 I’m happy!

With more confidence this year, I’ve also taken to using a weight belt.  So instead of floating around on the surface I get to duck-dive closer to the fish and linger a bit longer below. A tad more tiring but worth it. Yes, I know, I could also do with a bit less buoyancy!

Here at GKI I’ve snorkeled at Big Sandhill Beach, Shelving Beach and at Monkey Beach three times.  Monkey has been the stand out.  The water has been so clear with perfect low tides and sunshine overhead. With a white sandy bottom, not much depth, plenty of undamaged coral (particularly staghorn coral) and such different varieties of fish, I’ve jumped in three times over the last few days. It’s so accessible too.

It has been difficult to reduce the number of photos for my blog, so I’ve divided the photos up over two posts – Part 1 and Part 2.  As for the fish identification, I’m no expert … my source is Grant’s Guide to Fishes – The Fisherman’s Bible (and mine) and Gary on Chances!