5 Years Today!

By | November 3, 2018

It was on this day 5 years ago, when our Bossa Nova slowly glided down our driveway, behind a monstrous truck. It was such a memorable day! After three years of blood, sweat and tears building our Fusion 40, our baby was finally leaving our paddock.  A big truck entered our work yard, backed under the bridge deck and packed our boat securely, all ready for our Somers to Yaringa road trip. We watched with such trepidation. It was truly a memorable day!

We don’t really celebrate this day each year but after spending a lovely few weeks around Great Keppel Island recently and

meeting up with four fellow Fusion 40 owners, this memory resurfaced. Yes, we had five Fusion 40’s in the one place! Waterfront, Gyp Sea, Shellac (the first ever Fusion), Meant 2 Be and Bossa Nova (with Easy Tiger there in spirit). See pic below!

So, I apologise in advance … for a bit of reminiscing. There’s a video link below of our Somers to Yaringa Road Trip too

From left … Bossa Nova, Waterfront, Meant 2 BeShellac in the front.  (Gyp Sea missing) GKI 2018


… and if you’re interested …. here’s our Somers to Yaringa Road Trip 2013

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    1. Amanda Post author

      It was VERY nervewracking, esp’ the short trip up our dirt road. Funny, leaving our paddock was more emotional than our launch. All very special memories though! A

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