It’s all over now … take two!

By | November 9, 2018

Take two!  I’m trying to improve on my layout for you email subscribers. This is what your post update should have looked like …

It’s that time of the year again … when we swap ‘homes’.  Our 2018 sailing season has come to an end.

We have arrived back at Boatworks and packed our boat up over several days of 30+ degree heat and high humidity, all very tiring (I think we now need a holiday!). We are now ready to return to our land life.

Since my last post we stopped at Fraser Island and the Sandy Straits for a few days with Whiskers and Take It Easy.  We dashed across the Wide Bay Bar early one morning for a day’s sail to Mooloolaba.  We sailed across Moreton Bay with Sans Souci and enjoyed the hospitality of L’Attitudes at their house on Russell Island.  We then caught up with Cruising Kitty at Tipplers Resort for lunch.

Then came Boatworks!  While the main aim for us at Boatworks is to pack up, clean up and head home, everyone else is doing a similar thing so there are plenty of yachts here, particularly cats.  So it has been a very social time here at Boatworks too.  The new bbq area has been well used. Especially on Cup Day! Catching up with the yachts we’ve met and cruised with this year at Boatworks, has completed a great season of sailing for us. Some we will see again next year, others are sailing to New Caledonia in 2019 and some are selling, four in fact, including our good friends Pas de Chat 🙁  And we’re even getting driven to the airport … thankyou Marty and Brenda from Waterfront!

We’ve had a wonderful 2018 on the water.  We’ve met up with great friends, met new ones and visited new places. The Bossa has performed well with no major dramas, phew!  I want to mention two highlights. The first of course is my time in the water with my camera, especially the time at GKI and the Southern Reef (no surprise there). The second, is cruising with yachts who have become great friends.  So many shared interests, memorable experiences and fun times!

Here’s a few of my favourite memories from 2018.

Friends and family …

Under the water …

The “wow” and the whales …

And … the end …


6 thoughts on “It’s all over now … take two!

  1. Kerry Wellington

    Wow what amazing adventures, photos and wonderful descriptive journey.

    Very inspiring- let us know if you recommend any of those boats for sale 42ft +



  2. Amanda

    Thanks Kerry! Sounds like you aren’t far away from the cruising life yourselves. Sorry, no boats around 42 ft. Happy hunting! A

  3. TYRA

    The second, is cruising with yachts who have become great friends. So many shared interests, memorable experiences and fun times!

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