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we gotta get out of this place!

By | July 6, 2019

We have been in the Keppel Bay Marina now for two weeks.  We originally came in for birthday celebrations and the need for a VHF radio repair.  We’ve been here ever since! After enjoying a fantastic run of beautiful weather from Boatworks to Great Keppel Island, we are now waiting for strong winds and BIG swells… Read More »

great keppel island

By | June 26, 2019

We had a great sail from Heron Island to Great Keppel Island. Flat water and a steady 10-15 knot breeze. Dinner was covered for five nights with a spotted mackerel caught on passage and we enjoyed some repeated breaching by a very energetic whale off our starboard transom.  While it was too far away for… Read More »

heron island and wistari reef

By | June 21, 2019

Heron Island has one of the few resorts located on the GBR.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t welcome yachties who might venture out this far, however there’s always a walk around the island on offer as we have access up to the high-water line.  We did visit reception though and they were generously agreeable to us having… Read More »

Fitzroy Reef

By | June 19, 2019

Apologies to my email subscribers, another try … There are so many coral cays out here but the weather and time dictates how many you can visit as sheltered anchorages are a must. If there is an island, they are quite small. We can usually circumnavigate them in under an hour by foot, so it’s the… Read More »

southern great barrier reef

By | June 18, 2019

It’s so wonderful to be back in the water! A warm and calm patch of weather over the last week has meant I’ve unexpectedly been able to enjoy my underwater world in the Bunker and Capricorn group of coral cays and islands, in the southern section of our wonderful GBR. We are now back in… Read More »

Wide Bay Bar

By | June 6, 2019

Woohoo, our 2019 east coast journey begins! After we left The Boatworks we caught our breath with a few nights in the Broadwater, familiarizing ourselves with our ‘second home’. Living between two homes involves some clumsy moments remembering just where things are. Of course, on The Bossa, it’s a tad more important as many things… Read More »

Here We Go Again!

By | May 30, 2019

I think we left Melbourne at the right time!  Winter has well and truly set in now with wind, rain, hail and even snow. And it’s COLD downsouth!!  Sunshine and 25 degrees up here. We are now on the water enjoying a rest … and the sunshine!As per the previous four years, we left The Bossa… Read More »