Here We Go Again!

By | May 30, 2019

I think we left Melbourne at the right time!  Winter has well and truly set in now with wind, rain, hail and even snow. And it’s COLD downsouth!!  Sunshine and 25 degrees up here.

We are now on the water enjoying a rest … and the sunshine!As per the previous four years, we left The Bossa in the hard-storage yard at The Boatworks over summer, this time in a new expanded storage yard.  The Boatworks is continuing to grow at a great rate with neighbouring land being acquired, new buildings, a much bigger hard-storage yard and plans that cater for the super-yacht owners, including a launching ramp and maintenance facilities for them. Work has already begun on these.  There’s even a tavern and swimming pool on the horizon.  Great facilities and trades, a caring staff and a clean well run complex that really does cater very well for the coastal cruiser. So many of us use The Boatworks so it’s always great to catch up with fellow yachties who, like us, are cruising north for the winter.

The workyard … and the launch …

As always we had a long list of jobs.  Neville returned on his own a month ago so most of these were crossed off before I returned (good planning on my part).  However, it’s the unforeseen jobs that can gather momentum and take extra time (not to mention the $$$).  Fortunately, we only had one or two, and they got sorted quickly. So rather than bore you with the whole list, I will mention a few.  The first being …  our improved solar.

When we built The Bossa we installed four glass solar panels.  Two on our transom and two larger ones on our cabin roof. These panels are now 5 years old technology and along with acknowledging the power demands of our boat, we decided at the end of our 2018 cruising season we would upgrade our solar panels this year.  This would mean less use of our trusty portable generator (Honda 20i) and more use of the free northern sunshine! (See pics above!!)

We organised MC Stainless on the Gold Coast to fabricate a stainless steel bracket to hold two panels on the targa. The bracket was made on time and to the specs we asked for.  Simple, lightweight, strong and discreet.  A third panel has replaced two smaller ones on our cabin roof. Neville fitted and wired all three panels and he even has an app on his phone which tracks the sunshine’s work. We did think about an extra two panels on the roof, but we are hopeful three in total will do the trick. We will always have our Honda 20i as a back up especially for those times we don’t get the sunshine we need, but to date, our batteries are full by lunchtime!  Early days we know, but we are very happy.

Oh, one more ‘job’ I will mention … our new tender motor. Our Mercury 15hp 2-stroke motor is 15 years old but running well, reliable and trusty.  But … 2-stroke motors are no more.  They are out of production. So if we have to replace our 15 hp in the future, it would be vwith a heavy 4-stroke motor. It’s always a trap visiting boat shows!  We spotted a 2-stroke Mercury 9.9hp at a good price and with only a few in stock (remembering they have stopped making them), we decided to upgrade.  It’s much lighter (for the old guy to pull up the beach) and it will last our remaining years on The Bossa we think.  We even got a good trade-in for the old one.  Our son wasn’t too pleased (he likes speed and it was half his), but it really was a no-brainer.

So, we have turned left. Next stop Mooloolaba, then the Wide Bay Bar and Fraser Island.

So good to be back 🙂

(Reminder … if you touch/click the photo you will be taken to a larger screen sometimes with a caption too.)

11 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

  1. Judy

    Wonderful to know there is sunshine and warmth in your paRt of the world.
    I love seasonal Victoria and am very happy rain tank is filling.
    I will enjoy your adventures from way down south
    ??Judy j

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Judy! We often have fellow yachties asking us why we live in Victoria when we like sailing so much. But home is home isn’t it! While we do love an open fire, we also enjoy the Qld sunshine too, so our two ‘homes’ work well for us. Hope my posts hold your interest this year! A

  2. David Mills

    All sounds good, Amanda. Sorry we missed catching up before you left but will enjoy following your blog again. David & Wendy

    1. Amanda

      Hi D & W. Good to hear from you! Beautiful calm days here so let’s hope they continue. A

  3. Denise

    Hi N & A – not sure I’m all that happy about the temperature and sunshine ?? up your way but very pleased that you’ve launched safely and are heading off on your newest adventure. However we do have some weak sunshine here this morning………before the latest arctic blast due this arvo!
    Bad luck for the Dees last night
    Hopefully catch you later in the year!
    J&D x

    1. Amanda

      Thanks D & J. Crossed the Wide Bay Bar today after a 9 hour sail from Mooloolaba. Big day. Will keep in touch. A&N

  4. Christine Danger

    Great to hear you are back in QLD. Good job on the solar! Hope to see you somewhere! We are taking it slow in the Southern Whitsundays. Very intermittent internet so excuse the lack of contact!

  5. Amanda

    Thanks Chris. WBB today so taking it easy the next few days. Looking forward to a snorkel & good luck with the dinghy ladder!

  6. john mills

    see you have gone to the sun shine again .i was told it was snowing in Claytion thursday.looking for your photos and reports of your adventures.


  7. john mills

    pictures of a blanket of snow on the road down to mornington yacht club last wednesday.


    1. Amanda

      Hi John. Yes we left at the right time I think! Sunshine & definitely warmer up here. A&N

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