great keppel island

By | June 26, 2019

We had a great sail from Heron Island to Great Keppel Island. Flat water and a steady 10-15 knot breeze. Dinner was covered for five nights with a spotted mackerel caught on passage and we enjoyed some repeated breaching by a very energetic whale off our starboard transom.  While it was too far away for a great pic, I did manage to at least capture some of the activity.

Sometimes it’s the little things that capture a special moment though. We rounded the rocky outcrop on the northern side of GKI and entered Svendsen’s Beach anchorage for the night. It was right on a very low tide (with a full moon due that night).  GKI is known for its pristine sparkling clear water beaches. There wasn’t a breath of wind, the water was so still and clear and we could clearly see the ripples of white sand below. Wow!

After our terrific weather out at the reef we were then treated with the same while we were at GKI.  Beach walks with very low tides, calm nights with stunning sunsets and blue skies each day.

And some time to play a bit more with my camera gear in sparkling clear water over sand at Butterfish Bay.  Not so many fish here but I did enjoy the variety of healthy coral and it is a bit easier ‘playing’ with a subject that doesn’t move!

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Here’s a few of my attempts at split-shot photos (over-unders).  Hopefully l’ll Improve!

… and then there was the snorkeling at Butterfish Bay …

The intricate coral shapes and patterns took my eye too …