heron island and wistari reef

By | June 21, 2019

Heron Island has one of the few resorts located on the GBR.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t welcome yachties who might venture out this far, however there’s always a walk around the island on offer as we have access up to the high-water line.  We did visit reception though and they were generously agreeable to us having a cup of
coffee. Perhaps we stayed a tad too long as while we knew the tide was falling but we didn’t quite expect our tender to be high and dry. Another sterling job Captain! (The new and 9 kg lighter motor is making the Captain’s job so much easier!)

Our walk around Heron Island …

However, it wasn’t the resort that we came here for.

We snorkeled here at Heron Island last year and in fact we stayed on the same mooring.  When we arrived at Heron last year, as we hooked on to the mooring we saw a school of giant manta-rays pass right near The Bossa and then linger. A truly magical sight and special memory!  One that may never happen again.  While leaving the channel this morning in our tender a smaller manta did jump right out of the water in front of us.  It really is about being in the ‘right place at the right time’!

I do remember being awestruck the first time we visited here, both with the reef and the snorkeling.  Once again it was the size of the fish that is most noticeable at Heron. Seeing large coral trout, sweetlips, parrotfish and groupers are a treat.  Conditions this time meant I did get one good snorkel with low tide, sunshine and water clarity, all with healthy coral and an abundance of the larger fish (Heron Island is ‘no fishing’ zone).  So many of the fish seemed to be just ‘lazing in the sun’, almost comatosed, especially the parrotfish.  Looking a bit closer you could see the cleanerfish scurrying around them doing their work. There was also a vertical trumpetfish in a similar state. It really is a whole new world below.

Remember, I’m still mastering these new toys of mine!

Note: Not only do I have a sterling Captain but I also have a very supportive Boat Boy!


Another beautiful sunset …

A slight weather change and a vhf radio issue means it’s back to the mainland tomorrow, maybe Great Keppel Island. On our way south later in the year we want to visit Tryon Island, Wilson Island, Masthead Island and explore more of Wistari and Heron Island’s reefs in this section.  Five days out at the Southern GBR this time of year, with this weather, has really been a bonus.


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  1. Juliana Harvison

    Fantastic photos Amanda our are mastering your new camera very well.

  2. Amanda

    Hi SS!
    Thankyou for the encouragement. See you are still south of us but not far from the Qld border.
    Sure we’ll catch up somewhere. Cheers! A&N

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