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By | August 31, 2019

Finally, after some false starts, we got to the outer reef.

We have several waypoints for reefs off Orpheus and Dunk Islands so we have been keen to explore them.  But like all outer reef ventures, it’s the weather, particularly the wind and tide, that guide our decisions. Beaver Reef was our first reef anchorage. The reef has a sand cay, albeit quite small, but no island as such, so our protection from the wind is purely the reef.

Beaver Reef is quite pretty with its sand cay and there was plenty of sand for secure anchoring.

First up, a snorkel! It did seem like ages since I’d been in the water.

The fish life in parts was quite abundant. Great! There were larger fish including coral trout, sweetlips and rock cod, along with a variety of smaller fish. Always helps being in a green zone.

Feather Stars were everywhere …

This Feather Star was beautiful, all curled up so tightly, but it was the colours that caught my eye.

I also found these very unusual creatures I’d never seen before – a tunicate or more commonly called a Sea Squirt. Thankyou Chris with the ID! Tunicates have two valves, one expels water, the other inhales water. They can syphon over 100 litres of water a day, filtering plankton. Its always exciting to find a ‘newbie’!

Here’s a slideshow selection … remember to click/touch the arrow to see the slideshow …

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I must mention the sunsets we’ve had recently … perhaps the best yet!

Dunk Island

Beaver Reef

We are back at Dunk Island after a brisk sail and really … ”it’s not such a bad Plan B” … as my sister reminded me! More reef stops are on the horizon.


4 thoughts on “beaver reef

  1. Chris on Sv-Anui

    Looking good! Those Tunicates are amazing, aren’t they, looking a bit like taps! And the Crinoids are fascinating too! Hope you get a chance to do more reef trips on the way south. Loving our time out there.

    1. Amanda

      Yes hoping to get out to more reefs soon. Few boat jobs in Townsville first. A

  2. John

    Great shots as usual
    Currently waiting near chocolate shops in Zurich for next flight
    John and Tess

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