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By | August 23, 2019

According to our Alan Lucas ‘bible’ the Hinchinbrook Channel “is the most scenic, calm waterway on the east coast of Australia”. We like it!

We were fortunate enough to see quite a lot of whale activity on the way in to the Hinchinbrook Channel.  A pod of five or six whales kept us entertained but unfortunately, just that wee bit too far away for my camera’s lens. But, I was looking forward to some photographic opportunities of the majestic Hinchinbrook mountains, this time ‘above’ the water (croc territory).

We have just spent a magical three days in Gayundah Creek which is one of many mangrove lined creeks that runs off the main channel. We braved the mosquitos and midgies! The spectacular Hinchinbrook mountain backdrop is what we were looking for.  We visited here in 2016 with our friend Gerry on Aqualibrium. I was I awe of the majestic Hinchinbrook mountain then and having just bought a new camera and lens in Townsville, I was very happy to play.  I’m still using that same camera now.

I even got up at sunrise.  The sun rose from behind Hinchinbrook, not ideal, but capturing the stillness and tranquility so early in the day was still a treat.

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Our first night was magical.  No other boats. It was so calm, not a breath of breeze.  We watched the sun set from our foredeck while enjoying a glass of wine or two, and some prawns we had picked up in Lucinda by dinghy. The next day we dropped the crab pots in. In 2016 between Aqualibrium and ourselves we caught several crabs and enjoyed a big mud crab lunch. Unfortunately, not so this time.

Sunsets …



When we departed Gayundah Creek, once again, it was so so calm. The sun had just come over the mountain, with some timely clouds. Another photo opportunity!  Next stop, some outer reefs!

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8 thoughts on “hinchinbrook magic

  1. Chris on Sv- Anui

    Gorgeous… very beautiful photos. The Hinchinbrook Channel is on our list for the return trip south or the trip up next year! Enjoy the reef!

    1. Amanda

      It is a treat! I forgot mention the stars too. With a clear sky, the stars were so bright and filled the sky. A

  2. Amanda

    It’s all about the new motor. So much easier for me to operate. Brmmm Brmmm!

  3. John & Tess

    Great post again
    Luv the photos
    Cheers from somers

  4. Amanda

    Thanks John & Tess! Always easy when the sun is shining & it’s warm!! A

  5. Juliana and Hugh Harvison

    Great photos Amanda. Glad you enjoyed Hinchinbrook…..did you see any crocs?

    1. Amanda

      Hi SS. Yes Hinchinbrook is lovely. Fortunately no crocs sighted! And no crabs. Had two crab pots out but not even a bite. Have been catching mackerel up here so we have plenty of bait for next time. A

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