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By | August 5, 2019

We are currently sitting out a few days of ordinary weather with strong winds, showers and cooler days, in Cid Harbour. Time to catch up on my blog, watch a film, read, clean and cook. Fortunately, we are getting some intermittent phone signal, thus internet, so it’s not too bad. But we are a tad excited! We can just start to see a reef window appearing after this wind. Yippee!! So the plan after we sit this wind out, is to drop by Airlie Beach for a few days, reprovision, wash clothes and collect Neville’s new hearing aids (an insurance job, he lost one). By coincidence our friends Teryle and Steve will be in Airlie, so we are looking forward to a dinner with them. Then we will head out to Bait and Hardy Reefs. We didn’t manage to get out to these reefs last year so we are hopeful time has been advantageous to the regrowth of the reef since Debbie.

We did drop by Cataren Bay on Border Island for a snorkel on the way here. Feather Stars (crinoid) always capture my interest.  They are so delicate and their usually bright colour is prominent.  This time it was a red feather star. Red is always a treat under the water as it really stands out.  This Feather Star had white highlights, almost mane-like.  They attach themselves to hard coral with their tiny legs (which you can see in my pics) and their feather-like limbs billow like fern fronds. When they break free they swim, float and even ‘walk’. I’ve seen a video of one swimming and its quite stunning.  Apparently its rare to see one moving. They almost look like an underwater flower.  Check out my pics …

Since leaving Yeppoon we’ve enjoyed the company of our friends Gary and Annie on Chances who introduced us to Jo and Kevin on Vivacious.  We’ve shared some great snorkeling and sailing, and thanks to Jo and Kevin (the game masters), we’ve been introduced to many games!  They know them all.  We have gone our separate ways now after our last meal together in May’s Bay, a progressive dinner! Thankyou to both Chances and Vivacious for your company and for your support during our difficult week.

2 thoughts on “whitsunday wandering

  1. Chris on Anui

    Just realised I left the comment on one of your images rather than the main post!

    Here it is again:
    Well done on the crystal clear Feather Stars. They are beautiful in red. I have only seen the green ones.

    We are eyeing a trip to the reef too with the calmer weather coming at last. Looks like a few days offshore of Cairns for us.

  2. Amanda

    Thanks Chris! Sometimes it’s just one ‘subject’ that makes a snorkel worthwhile. This Feather Star was beautiful. Of course when our ‘subject’ is still … how much easier is it taking that special pic??!! A

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