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By | October 28, 2019

It’s timely being at Great Keppel Island.

My friend Chris from Anui (ex Take It Easy) has just had an article published, ‘Keppel Magic’, in the Australian Multihull World magazine, Sep/Oct edition. (Multihull World used to be Neville’s ‘must read’ when building Bossa Nova). Chris has written about her favourite snorkeling locations around GKI. So yes, I’ve stolen her title!

Mine is Monkey Beach, on the western side of Great Keppel Island. It is a small bay with a small reef and with a white sandy bottom, it never fails to deliver.  There is such a variety of fish, big and small, turtles, rays, clams and even though the coral is looking a little dull this year due to algae growth, it was still a treat.

We met up with Anui here last year and then cruised the Southern Reef together.  Unfortunately, we didn’t cross paths and with the outer reef weather not being so kind to us this season, it’s looking like we might have to bypass the Southern Reef which is very disappointing.  Fortunately, we did get there on our way north.  Anui have high-tailed it down to Mooloolaba, so we still haven’t even got together to talk about each other’s new camera gear. Maybe as we pack up?!

So … is this my last snorkel??  I hope not.  I always like to know when it’s my last as I like to cherish that last underwater camera opportunity.  Fingers crossed!

Here’s a few snaps from Monkey Beach, starting with, you guessed it, the clams!

A slideshow of a few more …

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The fish …

These Slateys were interesting.  I think they were in the exactly the same place as they were last year! They don’t move much so they’re easy to photograph. These photos were taken with my new wide angle wet lens. You can get super close to your subject yet get a wide photograph.

I swam with three turtles at Monkey Beach.  All weren’t too fussed about me being there.

And lastly, the rays. This Blue-spotted Ribbontail Ray was hiding in the sand, very well camouflaged apart from those big bulging eyes. Eventually I was noticed and it scooted off, with me following.

This ray was actually trying to hide in the sand under me.  After a while, with too many onlookers, it decided to skedaddle. Check out my slideshow …

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  1. Chris on Anui

    Hi Amanda, Thanks for the plug on the article! Nice set of images. I can relate to your comment about the “last snorkel” for the season. Our was at Fitzroy Reef, but we did not know as we thought we might get our last chance at Lady Elliot, but we got there too late and with nasty weather looming, we kept going! Would love to catch up about the gear but suspect it might not happen in person. Our haulout is on 4/10 then I fly back to France for my Dad. Will call you.

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