fitzroy reef

By | November 10, 2019

After five fantastic days at Yellow Patch we had hoped we’d see at least a few days of outer reef weather and we did! Fitzroy Reef and Lady Musgrave Island were ‘sort of’ on our way south so we grabbed the opportunity. We entered Fitzroy Reef with 

ET close behind. With calm seas and a glassy entrance it was a picture-perfect day. Fitzroy Reef’s lagoon is one of our favourite anchorages. 360 degrees of shelter with many snorkeling opportunities at the lagoon’s inside surrounding reef as well as the bommies inside the lagoon.

Fitzroy Reef is a lagoon. Perfect entrance weather!

The water was crystal clear, a mooring was available and Aqualibrium was there to greet us.  We caught up with Gerry and Gail for a bbq later on AQ.

We had very neap tides (.9m to 1.9m), sunshine and no wind so it was definitely snorkel time!


I’ve become a bit of a Blue-Green Puller fan. I love how they dart and hide amongst the staghorn coral. They are a beautiful colour, contrasting so well with the white staghorn coral.  But they are small and quick.  Here’s a few favourite photos …


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We would have loved to stay longer at Fitzroy with ET and AQ, but the winds and turtles were calling!  Next stop Lady Musgrave Island and reef.