it’s that song again!

By | August 17, 2020

It’s that song again!

We have been at Boatworks for four weeks and yes, we had a long list of jobs to do and mostly annual maintenance, but unfortunately the list did grow and two weeks stretched in to four weeks. It was the longest stretch we’d left The Bossa out of the water since November last year, 8 months in fact, and who knows whether this contributed to our growing list but what we do know is we are so happy to have finally left The Boatworks. Yay!!!!!!

It’s that song again …

Welcome to the Hotel California

Such a lovely place (such a lovely place) …

… You can check out anytime you like

But you can never leave …

Yes, that’s Boatworks! Fantastic facilities, service and care for our boats but as the dollars disappear and our (older) tired bodies have had enough, we all just really want to leave.

Rather than bore my readers with our long list, suffice to say that what really cemented our frustration was our starboard ‘good’ engine. It wouldn’t start when we launched. So we were in, then we were out … again. Our port engine had been removedn for planned maintenance and it started perfectly (only the slight issue of the ‘stop’ button not working … hmmm … it’s a B.O.A.T*!!)  Soooo, our 6 year old Yanmar starboard engine was then removed and rebuilt.  Argghhhhh!!!!

*For those of you wondering … B.O.A.T stands for “Break Out Another Thousand”!

Here’s a selection of photos from the last few weeks …

Then there was the saga of our engines …

We were in … then we were out … arghhhhhh …

Take two.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!  There were a few more challenges once underway but all sorted now we hope! (Bar the wind instrument which was fixed, now not fixed, we’ll just have to throw some grass in the air.)  I do think I’ll be dreaming about tools, engines, pumps and leaks for weeks.

A big thank you to Gerry from AQ who gave us not only the use of his mighty Magna but also his diesel engine knowledge and also to Darren who unexpectedly arrived to spend some time on AQ (he climbed the mast to remove our wind instrument and then jumped in to our engine bay).

7 thoughts on “it’s that song again!

  1. john mills

    you will be glade to be back on the water you could be in melboune locked up at home .
    it does not seam that the engines are that old and done much but the time and hours mount up quick .
    and it is a boat and these things happen .was it mainly general wear ???its hard when sitting for time not being used.hope things are right now Let the fun times begin.

    1. Amanda

      Hi John. Yes we are far better off here than at home. Do feel for you. The engine problems were a surprise but I think we were lucky with getting things fixed relatively quickly. Hopefully there will be no more surprises! Take care & stay safe. A&N

    1. Amanda

      Let’s hope so! Crossed the WBB this morning after an uneventful o’nighter. Catching up on sleep tomorrow then hopefully there will be a weather window for the southern reef soon. Bossa

  2. john mills

    looks like you got north of brisbane in time hope the weather there is good hear we have had a very cold windy and wet week end .

  3. john mills


    could we have some more pictures of were you are .


    1. Amanda

      Hi John. Will certainly add some pics of the Great Sandy Straits & Hervey Bay in my next post. A

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