it’s a wrap!

By | November 28, 2020

Our 2020 season has come to an end and it will be a year we will remember for a variety of reasons, but particularly for the world-wide Covid pandemic. It has been a year of mixed emotions – unfulfilled plans, setbacks, frustration, uncertainty, fear, sadness and also joy, new jobs, excitement, pride and even babies. We know we have been very lucky.  We left our home in Victoria before the borders closed and while we arrived late for our 2020 season and experienced a rather shaky start, we did at least get here.

Perhaps this year will be remembered as one of our best yet.

This morning our Bossa Nova was hauled out of the water on The Boatworks sealift. It’s like ‘coming home’ when we arrive at Boatworks.  The pack up begins. The lists surface. It’s hot and it’s tiring, but this year it is also very satisfying.  We are looking forward to returning to Victoria to see our family and friends who have been doing it tough. We are very excited we can now visit and socialise with them under the new revised restrictions.

Here’s a few photos of our short stay at the ‘new’ Double Island Point lagoon after we left Fraser Island.  A sandbank has appeared this year offering yachties a protected, sandy and flat water anchorage on the ocean side of the Wide Bay Bar at Fraser Island. We bypassed it on our way north, but were fortunate enough to cross the WBB early enough one morning so we could spend a day and night in this lagoon (along with a mega number of 4WDs and jet skis) on our way south to Mooloolaba. Chances, Anui, Waterfront and Bushy Tales were with us.

This drone photo of Anui and Bossa Nova in the Double Island Point lagoon was taken by Chris from Anui.

We dropped by Mooloolaba for one night and enjoyed our last night with Chris and Wade from Anui feasting on some local prawns and oysters.  It was a very early 4 am start the next morning (stupid o’clock) with Chances, as we wanted to make The Broadwater at the southern end of Moreton Bay, before the strong wind warning kicked in.  We made it!

We have met so many yachties this year, new and old friends.  The people we meet really make our cruising life very special. We’ve been lucky at times with the weather as we have visited all places we wanted to go to. When we have sat out stronger winds we’ve been fortunate with protected anchorages and great company with different yachts each time. With a limited season we still managed to sail as far as the Whitsundays and visit the southern outer reef (Lady Musgrave) and Whitsundays outer reef … and both not only twice, but also for extended stays!

I’ve taken so many photos on my two Olympus cameras. I hope my readers have enjoyed our travels, albeit at times, from your loungeroom. Thankyou to everyone for your comments both on my blog and Instagram, and by phone and text.  I have said many times that my blog is really my diary but I do enjoy sharing this fortunate life we have. I’m already looking forward to my 2020 photo book.

So the three day pack up is all but done.  The back aches, it’s hot and we are over the early Qld sunrises (such long days) … we are excited to be going home!


Till next year!

Amanda – Bossa Nova



6 thoughts on “it’s a wrap!

  1. Chris on Anui

    All the best for your return home. Glad we shared great times with you at the Reef, the Whitsundays and also on the way south before your haulout. Lots to document for all of us, but a great excuse to relive the experiences and plough through the hundreds of photos we took. See you next year!

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Chris. Yes a great season & glad we caught up both out at the reef and when returning south. Enjoy your Qld summer on Anui. A

  2. Darren Smith

    To hear that it was your best yet, after such a terrible starting few weeks at the Boatworks is so great. Safe travels down south and looking forward to see your radiant smiles and sun tans!

    1. Amanda

      Yes we will see you soon Darren. Hope things are moving along for you down south. I’m sure you can’t wait to join the cruising life on your new boat. A

  3. Ian Sulley

    Always enjoy reading and viewing your posts Amanda
    Enjoy the summer at home
    Much love to yourself and Neville
    Ian and Sue…..

    1. Amanda

      Hi Ian & Sue. Thanks Ian for your feedback too. Glad you enjoy our travels from afar. Hopefully your time soon. Dreams can come true! A

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