how sweet it is

By | August 2, 2021

It seems so long ago that I was in the water with my cameras and at Lady Musgrave, but here we are again in 2021. Having said that, it doesn’t take long to feel like it was yesterday either.

After a long motor sail from the Bundy river we entered the Lady Musgrave lagoon at 3 pm.  Perfect timing as any later makes it tricky to see the coral bommies with the sun so low in the sky this time of year. There were an unbelievably big group of boats here – I counted 47! (Including our friends on Nautilus and Gemini Lady.) But there is plenty of room in the lagoon especially at the lagoon’s eastern end if you want some privacy.

What a sunset on our first night … ab-so-lute-ly stunning!

Then my first snorkel! I used my 3mm wetsuit, booties & gloves so it wasn’t too cold in the water but I didn’t care anyway.

Just a reminder on viewing my photos. You can click-on/touch each individual photo for a larger view and with multiple photos just click/touch the arrow icon to scroll through. You can view the Slideshow by letting in scroll automatically or by using the arrow icons to manually scroll through. I’ve added captions to many photos too which you can view by hovering over the photo or you will see them when you opt for a larger view of the photo. Hope this helps!

Here’s a few pics in a slideshow …

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I also lucked it with swimming with THE biggest and maybe oldest turtle I’d ever seen. Green algae and all. She was a big mama! Well I’m saying she was a she (not sure how you tell) and she didn’t seem too worried about me, so I even managed a short video.

I’m always in search of Clownfish so spotting that flash of orange is always a treat.

We have just arrived at Great Keppel Island after a mammoth 95 nautical miles (13.5 hours) … and all under spinnaker.  A great sail in company with Gemini Lady but a big day too!

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    1. Amanda

      Thanks Jan. Always look forward to that first snorkel of the season.

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