where’s the warmth?

By | June 28, 2022

After two cancelled flights, we did manage to return to a rather cold Melbourne to celebrate our little Ava’s first birthday, and it was well worth the ‘detour’.  First birthdays are special!

It was great to catch up with everyone. Thankyou to our friends Pearce and Janine on Ilikai for the use of their marina pen and car which made our time in Manly so easy.

I mentioned a rather cold Melbourne, well, it wasn’t so warm in Manly either.  Our time here coincided with a very unseasonal Brisbane cold snap so the local weather chatter was quite amusing. The temperature was the talk of the town, with heaters being used for the first time, ‘winter’ clothes nowhere to be found in the shops and I even heard a fellow tell a story about weeing on an iced car door handle to warm it up because the key wouldn’t turn! Toughen up Queenslanders! Although I must say our little elec’ blow heater while in the marina was much appreciated.

Our transits through Moreton Bay usually coincide with westerly winds so on our return from Melbourne we were pleasantly surprised when we checked out the weather – very little wind was forecast and it was from the SE … so … a Tangalooma visit it was!

Tangalooma is on the western side of Moreton Island. In the 60’s a decision was made to relocate some old barges and workboats, sinking them to form a safe harbour. It never really worked but stretching approx’ 300 metres, along a lovely white sandy shore, in clear water, it is a popular location for visitors.  Some time back they cut off the protruding sections of the wrecks as there was concern about people’s safety (yes people climbed all over them even with signs up), but they are still quite stunning.  I did jump in for a look below but the water was very murky.  But more importantly it was a chance to try my new drone for the first time, so I was a tad excited.  It was very calm, sunny and perfect for our two-day visit … but there were still some nerves!

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Next stop was the Wide Bay Bar which was 100 or so nautical miles away.  We decided to do an overnighter right through to the WBB for a few reasons.  There was no wind so it was either wait for wind or motor. The half-way stopover at Mooloolaba wasn’t too appealing as a low tide bar crossing was going to be tricky (we have heard it has been dredged now), and there was a full moon and flat seas.  So a ‘no-brainer’?! We also lucked a surprisingly mild night.

We crossed the bar early the next morning and motored up to Tin Can Bay (I do love that name). We met up with Carmen and Shane who are building a Fusion 40 called Strait Lines in Tin Can Bay. It’s a long journey building your own cat, we know! Great job both of you. Great night at the local Tin Can Bay YC too.

And … we must give a special mention to Crazy Lil’ Thing. Darren and Liz launched Crazy back in March in Victoria after a long build.  As mentioned in my last post they’ve made it to Queensland.  Yay!!  Unfortunately, only to The Boatworks.  A tangle with a few floating tree logs transiting through NSW has meant they need some repairs done.  It has been more than a few weeks now so hopefully they’ll be back on the water soon.

The days have been sunny, the nights now milder, so a jump in to the clear aqua waters of Lady Musgrave was next. We even caught up with Skellum who very kindly invited us over for a meal on arrival. A great place to celebrate my birthday!

Here’s some pics from under the water …

I have to feature these Christmas Tree Worms first.  Aren’t they stunning?  Especially the red ones. These ones were quite small, with their plumes smaller than the size of my small fingernail. It’s very easy to see why they are named as such. They don’t move much once they’ve found some coral to burrow in to and call home. When startled they retreat into their burrow.  I must say, I do get very close, so they didn’t seem to worry about big ugly me gazing at them.

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… and some pics from above the water …

We are now anchored in Pancake Creek with an ETA for Great Keppel Island next Wednesday. Unfortunately no drone pics, but I did stalk a few soldier crabs (more like hundreds) around the sand flats. Armies of crabs march around the flats after feeding before they dig themselves in to the sand waiting for the next falling tide. It is so hard to photograph these little soldiers from the front.  They are so quick and watching them burrow in to the sand in a corkscrew motion is quite entertaining.

Hey … have I mentioned how great our new sails are??  We’ve had some fast screecher runs, along with some quite long spinnaker sails. Our new main and headsail are so white! I know that doesn’t add to the speed but don’t looks count – to me they do. The real test is racing (oops I mean cruising) with Ilikai! Think they’ll have more dollars in the bank though, does that count?

Bigger tides now so a run through The Narrows might be next. Along with some shelter.


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4 thoughts on “where’s the warmth?

  1. john mills

    from the weather forecasts it looks like the not nice weather heading your way they say heavy rain is coming your way. across the top end .i see you had some quick travelling on the way up the cost

    1. Amanda

      Hi John. Yes the forecast not looking that great but hiding for a few days isn’t so bad. It’s always about the weather.

  2. Darren Smith

    Great drone shots Amanda! Keep trucking on you guys and thanks for the mention.


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