About Us

On board bossa nova … with Amanda and Neville

Our sailing history together goes right back to we first met. Neville asked me if I liked sailing. I think the box had to be ticked before our relationship was to proceed. He told me some time later that I was ‘out’ if I didn’t like the water!

Our first boat we purchased together was a Southern Cross 23. We then bought a new Magnum 8.5 trailer-sailer which Neville fitted out himself. After taking on the Victorian Magnum 8.5 agency he then bought the Magnum manufacturing business and sold new Magnum 8.5’s from Victoria. We ended up owning three Magnum 8.5 trailer-sailers, all called Champagne Charlie. Most of our sailing had been on the Gippsland Lakes with a few northern adventures to the Whitsundays, Port Stephens, Myall Lakes and Sydney.

Neville spent many years researching catamarans with the aim of building his own ‘cat’ one day. We were still working and no matter how many ways we added up the numbers, they did not work. So we took a safer plunge by buying a second-hand but much loved Seawind 1000, which we named On The Prowl. We had so many memorable family holidays on our Seawind and we became hooked on cats.

After I finally agreed, we purchased a Fusion 40 kit in 2010. We launched bossa nova in November 2013 in Westernport Bay, Victoria, after a 3 year build. We spent nearly every spare minute up in our paddock over that time, but we have no regrets. What a journey!

So here we are, on the water on our bossa nova. Trips up north and to Tasmania are planned now that we have retired. Time to enjoy our life, on our boat.


Captain … Neville

Neville is our calm, Mr. Fix-it captain. He knows our boat so well because he built it. Whether it’s navigation or know-how, poo and plumbing, rubbish or reading, Neville is the man. He loves the passages. Boredom is never a problem. His favourite saying … “Life’s Good!”.


First Mate … Amanda

Amanda is the first mate. We make a great team. Organisation and detail, safety and planning are all priorities. We plan our voyages together, always checking the weather and the distances we have to travel. She loves a morning swim and kayak. And … a tidy boat is a happy boat!


Crew … Tim and Abbey

Our children grew up on yachts so having them on board means we don’t have to do as much these days. We all enjoy the comforts of our bigger boat especially the queen size beds, private cabins and the two loos!

We are thrilled they still want join us and they have pretty much come to terms with the fact that we oldies can actually handle this boat on our own.

We love the cruising life, visiting old and new destinations and meeting up with fellow sailors along the way. Sharing our journeys with family and friends is always special. We love the passages, particularly arriving at a calm anchorage finishing the day with a wine or two watching the sun go down. We have the best of both worlds with six months in our new home and six months on our boat.