Day 7 …

By | January 23, 2011

Wow!  What progress!  Only seven days into actual construction and the images make it obvious that the progress has been extraordinary .  Tom from Fusion Mackay has supervised the build and with Mike and myself as his eager helpers we have flown through the build to date.  The weather has been absolutely ideal for glass work and all the preparation is paying off big time.  The  diesel and water tanks are fitted under floor and one rudder is already in place.  The cockpit is substantially in place and all the forward locker partitions have been glassed in.  Tomorrow we should complete the rudder installation and fit the rear transom steps which leads us directly into furniture installation.  Of course 6.30 am starts and 11 to 12 hour days have contributed to the progress.  Needless to say I sleep (and snore) particularly well at the moment ! That may be enough for now as I think my pillow is calling me!

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