Yes … we are still here!

By | April 16, 2013

It’s great that people are following our journey … we know they are because we have been reminded we are sacking off with the updates!  has been a few weeks.  So here we are …

Everyone is asking, “when are launching?”  We don’t know, but it IS close.  All the jobs we are doing now are the “fitting off” ones, the final glue, the final coat, the final screw or bolt … designing complete, decisions have been made and this is it, no changing.  All the fun jobs really … BUT they do go on and on and on.  Much easier and quicker to build a house – we did build a house in 12 months – our boat has taken 2 years & 4 months so far.

We have nearly finished the teak work, the white ash curves inside are happening as I speak, the cockpit all but finished with the black caulking done (what a mess).  Both floors need sanding & coating, but that will come last (?).  The sequence of tasks is major!  Bathrooms are being fitted off with basins glued and plumbed (and checked for leaks), toilets done (Neville constantly checks these with a flush … very ‘sexy’ flush??!!).  Neville’s ‘state of the art’ switchboard wiring is a treat (check the photos) although he still has two wires he doesn’t know what they for!  Delve back in to the photo archives for earlier photos of switchboard wiring, there’s a big difference!  Doors which have been here forever are now being trial fitted (nothing goes on first time round), have some issues but we are working through them and of course it means more jobs that weren’t on the list, now are.  Carpet pieces have been made … all fit perfectly!  Front bow lockers are slowly coming together, all staunchions & rails on, cockpit cushions & sunshade have been measured, and electrician signing off today.

All happening, long days and late evenings (we miss daylight saving) and the list goes on …


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