2018 … “cruising blues”

By | October 3, 2018

Friends (non-boating ones) often ask … “what do we do?” We sail, we fish, we read, we walk, we talk and we just love the cruising life.  But, it’s the people we meet along the way that have the biggest impact on our cruising life. Lasting friendships are formed.

We are beginning our southern journey tomorrow.  The northerly winds have finally arrived.

Last night the bossa hosted nine people for a lamb roast and a music night (we sat 9 people around our table!). Four cats – Chances, Pas de Chat, Waterfront and The Bossa. A great way to say goodbye to the Whitsundays.

We met Gary and Annie on Chances at the end of our 2015 cruise, Jim and Jan on Pas de Chat at the end of our 2016 cruise and Marty and Brenda on Waterfront in 2016 (and even then we only shared one night together). Keeping in mind we didn’t cruise the east coast last year (we were in New Caledonia), catching up with these friends has been a highlight this year.

Yesterday, unbeknown to everyone, Jan from Pas de Chat was writing a song, the “cruising blues”. Last night we had four guitars, one drum and a bunch of others who could not sing to save themselves!  And Jan’s song stole the show! Check out the words below …

Cruising Blues … to the tune of Hound Dog …


Pas de Chat and the Bossa Nova
Waterfront and Chances too
Sailing the Queensland coastline
That’s what we cruising people do
Planning talks and drinks and friendship
As we sail the ocean blue

Cruising life is not a sail race – Huh
But with our boys that is not true
Put 4 boats out on the water
And it becomes a sailing duel
Marty cheats with extra sails up
And Pas de Chat flounders in the blue


Neville always has his schreecher
And spinnaker when the wind is true
Skipper Gary won at Hammo
Great achievement despite the crew
Marty sails with every sail up
We think he often motors too.


Now Jimmy’s face has had a face lift
And Gary’s arse has had one too
Neville grew a lump on his arm
UTI’s are worse than flu
Annie’s become the nurse and doctor
Marty’s sore finger makes him blue


Now dear Brenda has no ailments
She’s young and healthy at this stage
All the rest of us are failing
It’s a thing that comes with age
But cruising life is just so healthy
Ignore it all, let’s turn the page


Our Amanda’s caught some big fish
Annie’s caught a Mac or two
Marty fishes every minute
Gary knows fishing and what to do
Pas de Chat is always trying
Lures aren’t all that we can lose


Who’s the boss on Bossa Nova
Now, Neville has a lot to say
Well he’s good at cooking muffins
But the admiral plans the day
What a team they make together
So organised as they sail away


Chances crew of Anne and Gary
Had a few challenges this year
But they made it up to Hammo
A podium place was oh so dear
Things have been so tops turvy
And now Gary is off the beer


What a time we’ve had this season
With these special cruising crews
Eating out and drinks together
Lots of stories to amuse
Music nights and lots of laughter
As we sing the “Cruising Blues”

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