Kit delayed … again!

By | September 20, 2010

Our latest update from Fusion is that we are looking at our kit being finished November 19.  Then we have the freight concern … will it be here by Christmas?!  Watch this space!

We were originally expecting our Fusion Kit early September, but due to setbacks at the Thailand factory because of the unrest in Bangkok earlier this year, manufacturing in Thailand has been way behind.  Our Fusion factory lost workers for weeks, then some workers didn’t return after the riots.  Consequently new workers have had to be trained and along with delays in materials (same issue in other factories), this has meant delays in production.  We have been assured that things are back on track and that delays have never been a problem in the past.  Exceptional circumstances this time, agreed.

One thought on “Kit delayed … again!

  1. Russell P

    This is going to be an epic! N&A are one of the first victims of globalisation and climate change (and good old fashioned, Asian corruption). Who is taking bets on how long before one of them gets DTs from being off the water for so long? You guys can always come to Paynesville, there are hundreds (thousands?) of under utilised boats there. Photos are very sharp.

    Best wishes

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