Fairing has started …

By | November 28, 2011

The last few weeks have been all about getting all the inside ‘shiny-sheet’ bits and pieces completed, particularly around the doorways.  We’ve cut out the internal doorways now and measured for our aluminium trims.  We are using the same company who have made our external doorway and windows.  The external door & windows are powder coated white, the internal door frames will be silver aluminium with a white laminated multi-panel door.

We’ve also started the fairing.  Our main bathroom is completely faired and sprayed white … what a difference.  As for the rest of the fairing, hoping to start that mid January with the outside completed in four weeks or so.  This is really a skill so outside help will be organised for this.  Then we’ll work on the inside … at this stage, it looks like a never-ending job!

Toilets! We want the same brand of toilet in both bathrooms.  Sounds easy.  But fitting them in limited space and odd shaped space has been tricky.  One of our successful missions at the Sydney Boat Show was deciding on toilets.  We were armed with our two templates & measurements and this was a huge help.  We are using Raritan toilets (Neville can talk more on this subject later).

We aren’t far off getting our cabinet-maker & upholstery men in for measuring too!