Sunshine …

By | March 19, 2012

It’s a beautiful day here … 25 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, no breeze, just sunshine.  Some days the weather can reflect the mood.  Today, we feel we are making progress and the sun is shining.  Mick, our fabulous ‘fairer’, our fibreglass master, has added some shine to the bogged and gelcoated white.  What a difference!  All our exterior ‘joins’ are now bogged and ‘painted’, all white, and all just waiting on the shine.  See pics.

With the sun out, we have begun the windows.  Taking out our plastic temporary windows (which leak) on the starboard side, the edges have been bogged and gel-coated,ready for the real glass windows.  This has to be done before the weather turns.  Our ‘paddock’ workshop is sometimes a pain, but, it has some benefits, like today’s sunshine, and releasing all that fibreglass dust into the air is far better that breathing it.

And we’ve started the Pilot Hatch.  Cut-out done, now working on the interior edges for gel-coat.  Unfortunately the hatch does not come with a trim kit.