So close … all a bit scarey!

By | September 30, 2013

We can feel the ‘end’ now.  A rather disconcerting feeling really.  This project has been a huge part of our lives for so long and the thought of it finishing is rather sad … can’t believe I’ve said that!!  No more dirty fingernails or permanently bruised knees, no more aching fingers and sore backs … free time to read a book (or go sailing) … not to mention a healthier bank account … I do think there’s some positives.

We have to keep the momentum going.  With our launch date tentatively booked in with our truck and crane, we have to be ready.  Lots of little things happening.  The floor sealed was major so it’s now socks only.  Aluminum trims for the galley cupboards glued in, caulking happening tomorrow, BBQ bracket on, lifelines on … time to redo that ‘list’ so we don’t forget anything.




One thought on “So close … all a bit scarey!

  1. Mike Bruce

    This all looks so good. It is even quite exciting from thousands of miles away!

    You haven’t yet admitted when the crane is actually due. Are you going to?

    Well done.


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