Jobs Jobs … and more jobs but …

By | October 14, 2013

Lots of things to do but the list is shrinking and not too fat now.  Today was spent ‘tweeking’ the cupboard doors, polishing & cleaning inside AND watching our boat finally be given its name!!  Very exciting.  After a false start on Friday our signwriter Shane revisited this morning.  (Thousands of trips up and down those outside stairs, only to stumble in front of the signwriter, hurting my right arm.  Some relief to find it wasn’t broken, but the damage has restricted my tasks, so not great timing!).

Launch trolleys have been put together in steel, the wheels to be added soon, carpet added to give those sharp edges some protection. A lot of work just to throw away after launching, but the trolleys should help things to go smoothly. A mobile crane will pick up the bows, and the trolleys should roll down the ramp like launching a speedboat! Then the same crane will be used to fit the mast. How exciting!!! This week will be spent on the huge list of unfinished jobs, and next week will revolve around antifouling and polishing. The prodder has also been fitted so that we can rig for a schreecher after launching also. The 240 volt circuit was also tested today and a faulty switch replaced. Just one of those many last minute jobs. At least the fridge and freezer got cold!