Great Keppel Island

By | October 31, 2015

We arrived at Great Keppel Island a week ago and we have been fortunate enough to enjoy calm winds and sunny days here, even though the constant northerlies have somewhat restricted our choice of anchorage each night.

Did someone flick the switch?!

GKI is part of the Keppel Island Group. The aboriginal people called Great Keppel Island Woppaburra, which means “resting place”.  It is a picturesque, relaxed and quiet island with many white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters.  So much to offer those of us fortunate enough to visit by boat.

We stopped by this area on the way north but unfortunately the southerly wind was blowing hard for several days so we sought the comfort of the marina at Keppel Bay while we did some boat maintenance and serious shopping in Rockhampton.

GKI has six anchorages, all have white sandy beaches, some with fringing reefs for snorkelling and all have that beautiful crystal clear turquoise water.

We have snorkelled, swam and kayaked at Monkey Bay, walked the track from Fishermans Beach to Long Beach and Monkey Bay spying wild goats on the way, had a drink at the Hideaway Bar on the white sands at Putney Beach, walked and kayaked at Long Beach at low tide finding beached sea stars and slugs, swam at Svendsen’s Beach, motored our dinghy up Leeke’s Creek to the old Homestead through the clear waters and mangroves at a spring high tide, snorkelled with many varieties of fish at the Observatory waters at Middle Island and enjoyed the hospitality of the Keppel Bay Marina once again.

I spoke to a friend today from home.  I asked if she’d ever visited this area, particularly Great Keppel Island.  She had. It was her honeymoon destination some 30 years ago.  They camped on North Keppel Island.  The boat dropped them there and left (I suppose being on a honeymoon they had already worked out they could survive together on a deserted island.)

There are still camp sites throughout these islands. At Svenden’s Beach there are a variety of ‘lean-to’ shelters all decked out with old donated camping chairs and tables, fire pits and other camping bits and pieces.  They are the “resting places” for the many kayakers, campers and sailors who visit this lovely peaceful island.

There is so much to do here and we will visit again.

Next time we will kayak up Leeke’s Creek through the mangroves and clear water to the old homestead, enjoy a fire on Leeke’s Beach and visit the stunning Yellow Patch anchorage on Curtis Island nearby.  Can’t wait!

We are off to Pancake Creek next (what a great name) then on to Lady Musgrave Island (a coral cay 40 or so nautical miles off shore).  Easy Tiger will be joining us. Can’t wait!

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  1. JA

    Hello sailors! Just found how to comment!!! The pics around GKI look fantastic – the beaches and water- – very envious! What an adventure you are having!
    I enjoy reading your journal Amanda – keep it up!
    Seems like you have been away forever- might not recognise you!!
    Safe sailing.

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