bossa nova … 2016 – gold coast to dunk island

By | April 16, 2017

I have just put our 2016 book together.  It includes my blog posts and a selection of photos.  It’s always fun to revisit memories of favourite locations and the people we met along the way.

The cover … Yellow Patch!  Bossa Nova and Chances anchored below.

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5 thoughts on “bossa nova … 2016 – gold coast to dunk island

  1. Amanda

    Yes a great pic Annie! Fond memories of Yellow Patch with Chances.

  2. Bruce e Maxwell

    hello this is Bruce from Canada I have a fusion 40 up here which i built and was wondering if u new of a forum or website for Fusion Cat owners and builders ( i was thinking of creating one so builders and owners could exchange info). Also was wondering if u know of anywhere I could get some windows made for the fusion , I have two windows which have a delam membrane problem and would like to get them replaced or fixed .. hope u r enjoying your fusion and would luv to chat with u about your experience with fusion.
    Bruce Maxwell


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