Time to … wait

By | May 14, 2017

It’s now a waiting game.

We had to be ready to “go” by May 11.  Now its all about a weather window.

We have to cover approximately 800 nautical miles (1,500 kms) and this depends on our route.  So, we need 5-7 days of a good forecast.  We are using the Rally’s Metbob (who is based in NZ) for the departure timing.  Bob Mc Davitt has been providing sailors with weather info around the South Pacific for some time.  He has been involved in two America’s Cup campaigns and with Jessica Watson’s circumnavigation of the world.  We will be listening to Metbob!

Our satellite communication system is up and running and we are hopefully mastering our Predict Wind weather forecasting service, with time here to practice now.  We will be using both Predict Wind and Metbob’s updates to get to Noumea.

We have completed our very long list of jobs, cooked and frozen our choc’ chip muffins and sausage rolls, filled our freezer with $350 worth of vacuum sealed ‘Product of Australia’ meat and crossed off every job on those damn lists.

Now, after our Bon Voyage Party, we wait.  We have left the marina and are currently anchored off Tipplers Resort, South Stradbroke Island, along with several other Go East yachts.  And it’s raining!

Oh, I haven’t mentioned our crew, John and Saxil.  They will arrive when we get our 72 hours notice of departure.

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  1. Judy j

    Exciting mix of technology and nature. Have an amazing adventure. You’re learning so much and experianxung what most only imagine.

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