A Touch of Paradise …

By | June 24, 2017

Ilot Casy is a tiny island in Baie du Prony, south of Noumea.  What a great little spot.  Sand, palm trees and clear water.

After a few nights at Baie Ue (no these locations do not roll off the tongue) we looked at the weather (of course) and decided to drop in to Ilot Casy where Moose lived. We had heard about the dog Moose from our rally organizer.  Moose lives all alone on an island.  Boats drop by leaving him food, otherwise he lives of the sea slugs he finds himself.  As the legend goes, a family left him behind on Ilot Casy after he refused to re-board their boat.  Who knows.  We do know that Moose lives on a lovely tiny South Pacific island … a touch of paradise!

We spent a few nights at Baie Ue, sheltering from a westerly that brought showers and generally yucky weather.  But, the trick is, as my Captain says, “is to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. Inbetween”.  So we did!  Fires on the beach, snags on the fire and lots of socialising.

Then we found our “touch of paradise”.  The sun came out and the winds eased, so we, along with a few other rally boats sailed to Ilot Casy where we all picked up a mooring.  We swam, snorkeled and circumnavigated the island in our kayaks. We also enjoyed sundowners on the jetty.

The 22nd of June was approaching!  My 59th birthday.

After a few conversations between myself, Leanne on ET and my Captain, we decided on a ‘long lunch’ on The Bossa.  At one stage we had 12 people aboard.  It was a great day of fun and laughter, with the Captain entertaining the crowd in to the evening with a few ditties from his repertoire (is he ever going to learn some new songs??).  Just needed my family there!!

Thankyou ET, Sans Souci, Cruising Kitty and Zofia!





5 thoughts on “A Touch of Paradise …

  1. Darren Smith

    I really loved this blog Amanda. ..it is a beautiful place. Happy birthday Neville. You are making me feel very jealous. Safe travels, Darren.

  2. Amanda

    Thanks Darren … Neville would love to be 59 again! Amanda

  3. Gary

    Happy Birthday Amanda, so we might get to celebrate your 60th with you next year if you ever come back, lol.
    Looks so gorgeous there, loving your blog. Keep enjoying. Mmm so you do get bad weather there too? ???
    We have just crossed Wide Bay Bar in near perfect conditions, was a bit concerned as the bar has been changing a lot but all easy. As we know, correct information helps.
    Cheers “Chances”

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Gary & Annie! Had a great day with friends. Yes, who knows where the 60th might be! Always good when the WWB has been crossed! A

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