A pause …

By | March 7, 2011

It’s been 6 weeks since we started building.  So much done … so much more to do.  Long days, many hours, kilos of resin, kilos of glue, metres of fibreglass, hundreds of plastic buckets and white rags, and endless hours of grinding (teeth too).  Not to mention the endless number of coffees, lunches and cold drinks served.  We have been lucky with the weather, warm enough for the glue and resin to go off (sounds like I know what I’m talking about), but cool enough to work.  So far, so good!

We take a pause at this point.  Tom left us a few weeks back and Dodge left us a week ago.  Neville returns to his ‘real’ work to help pay the bills.  Time to think about galley and saloon lay-out.  I can help on this one.

Thankyou to everyone who has helped us get to this point … Trevor, Mike, Tony, John, David and Frank.  And our two employees, Tom and Dodge from Fusion Mackay along with Ian (the boss) from afar.

See our Cabin Roof coming together below on our You Tube video … “Working For The Man”.  It’s a bit dated but worth a look.

PS. If you are wondering why I (Amanda) don’t appear in any of the pics … well, yes I have been up there doing my bit every now and then, particularly on clean-up days (Sundays).  With protective mask and goggles on, sweating in the confined spaces, covered in fibreglass dust, it was never going to be a pretty sight but I did suggest to Neville to record my (limited) involvement with a photo for the BN website. However, all his photos were blurry!  Not sure what this means.