We Have A Motor!

By | October 14, 2011

It all started because the motors were here, due to a price agreement 12 months ago. Then a good friend, Tony Borrell, offered to help fit one. How could we refuse? After all, we can always wrap it in gladwrap, and it does help to organize mountings for filters, strainers, exhausts, hot water and so on. The hole was already cut in the hull, the edge of that glassed and the saildrive had been rotated to suit the Fusion orientation so off we went. We actually carried the leg up onto the boat and dropped it into the hole quite easily, although we did have to re-tap the engine bed (10mm), to clean the holes out, even though they had been covered with tape.

Then as you can see from the photos we just used the block and tackle to lift it up over the side and with a little rotation in she went. What a buzz! It joined to the leg without to much pushing and shoving and both are bolted in and together with shiney new stainless bolts although Yanmar only supply plated ones. Go figure!

We did fit the exhaust skin fitting first so we really just have to run and attach cables, wiring and hoses, including the exhaust. With the motor in place it should be easy to locate everything. We will leave the port side for a while as there is still the autopilot linear drive and a few extra pipes on that side but it sure feels good to have one in. We even cut out the dashboard holes!