Easter 2012 … 16 months on …

By | April 5, 2012

Easter has arrived.  The pictures tell the story, as they often do. We have finally fitted the link to the linear drive motor for the autopilot thanks to my brother John, who built a new one because the Lewmar part was too fat and wouldn’t fit. You can also see the rudder reference gadget which helps the autopilot computer know what is going on. The weird shaped black thing is a muffler, and a bracket to hold it in place has been glassed in. We have fitted the four starboard side windows and you can see Mick spraying gelcoat on the port side set so they can be sanded and glass fitted next week. You can also see him finishing the wet and dry work on the port bow ready for buffing. He is using an orbital air sander because it is lighter and safer when you splash water around to clean the hull and wash out the wet and dry sandpaper. Easter should see time spent on the pilot  hatch preparation for fairing, waterline sanding ready for sealing and antifoul, and we might even throw in the port sail drive leg for good measure.


One thought on “Easter 2012 … 16 months on …

  1. Mike Bruce

    The whole project continues to be absolutely fascinating.

    The amount of work implied in the little that you show is enormous.

    Have a good Easter, working on the boat, and otherwise as well.



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