Still here!

By | May 9, 2012

You may be wondering where we’ve gone but we’re still here! The devil, as they say is in the detail.

The wine rack is finally cut out in black perspex and ready to fit just as soon as the dust stops (you’ll have to wait that pic). Our ‘glove box’ style cubby holes under the bed have had their face plate made and the early stages of wiring are being slotted in. In order to build our stainless rails in ideal shape we are constructing a mould of the bows of the boat on which they can be assembled and we are fast running out of good weather for this type of outdoor job, so the last couple of days of sunshine have allowed us to at least knock off the bow mould, which conveniently fits both hulls. Meanwhile the fairing goes on and on and on……..

2 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. Mike S


    That’s not much space for wine.

    Mike S

    1. Amanda

      Trust you guys to reply on the wine!!
      Can tell you … the time & energy (over many wines) it has taken to design this rack, we should be alcoholics!!

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