Gas, wine and … more fairing!

By | May 21, 2012

We are still fairing inside.  Keeping in mind our man Mick only works 2 or 3 days a week, the inside is nearly (there’s that word again) there.  More importantly, Mick is doing a fantastic job.  He gets such a shine and there’s no sign of the joins.  This is a specialist job and he is the man!!

Check out the masking pics.  I had no idea how much masking was involved when you spray gelcoat inside a confined space.  We obviously don’t want to get overspray on the good bits, so the good bits have to be covered.  And tape … wish we’d kept a tally of how many rolls of tape we’ve bought.  We’ve learn’t all about tape too.  If you think I (Amanda) am being a bit too creative with my colours cos’ it’s only tape, wrong.   There’s tape and there’s TAPE.  We are now on to the lime green (it sticks), with the purple coming second.

We’ve had the gas ‘roughed in’, in the galley and BBQ spot, and gas bottle storage in the foredeck locker.  We glassed in a shelf some time back which fits two gas bottles.  Our BBQ will be mounted on the transom, cooking the steaks from the transom steps.  See Neville’s shiny bit in the pics.

Our wine rack … much time and energy has gone in to designing this one.  Not an easy task when nothing is square, hoses in the way (I am told they are important) and only a narrow door to access the bottles (maybe that’s a good thing?!).  After much deliberation and serious discussion (some might call it arguing,) quite often over a glass of wine, we decided on perspex to hold the bottles.  Neville is good with perspex as he uses it in our work.  We think we’ve turned a rather ‘useless’ cupboard in to a rather useful one now, storing 25 wine bottles.  And it’s nearly finished!  Some say it might not be big enough (thanks Mike for your blog response) but I’m sure we’ find other hidey-holes.