Getting to the ‘pointy’ end!

By | February 12, 2013

Still heaps to do BUT … we do feel we can see the light.

Our teak floors are being laid in the saloon, with the inside steps and cockpit next.  Both mid-ships and bathroom floors all but completed. The sealing of these floors will be ‘last’. Ceiling panels, upholstery, bed-heads and cabinetry all complete, all just need final ‘tweeking’. Our cockpit icebox is being worked on which we need to complete before the teak floor.  Lots of little things happening inside … shower screen & mirror ready to fit, teak switchboard with final wiring happening, light fittings all roughed in so ready for final fitting, gas sign-off to come now the oven is fitted and the BBQ nearly sorted, vinyl side trims started and on the way (my job), our  internal doors are ready to fit with our two bi-fold doors on the way (the hard jobs are always left to last).  Then it’s the outside jobs … ice-box (started & well on the way), motors ready, waterline ready for anti-foul, hatches & lockers hinged and prepared, solar panels, mast-base sited, life-lines, signwriting (quotes coming in) and ALL THE OTHER THINGS WE HAVEN”T THOUGHT OF ….

Maybe before Easter??  Maybe after!  But … soon!!

More pics soon …