Sailing with Easy Tiger

By | October 2, 2015

When we met Easy Tiger way back in March in Paynesville we had no idea they would become our sailing buddies during our trip north. We were heavily in to preparing our boat for our trip in between finishing our new house back in Somers. We unfortunately didn’t have much time to give them in Paynesville. (It does seem at times that we go from one project to the next.)

Easy Tiger ‘tracked’ us down via AIS in the Paynesville Straits. We were in the slipyard anti-fouling, they were visiting the Gippsland Lakes on their way north. Home is Bunbury WA. Bossa Nova and Easy Tiger are both Fusion 40 cats, hence the ‘tracking’ us down.

We then caught up with them in Pittwater at the end of May. We have sailed with them up the coast, left them at the Gold Coast where they did some boat maintenance, and now caught up with them again in the Whitsunday’s.

Some people you just ‘click’ with. Lots of stories, laughs, conversation and planning together. Who knows where we will sail next with them … Vanuatu, Darwin, Indonesia … if Leanne gets her way!

We had a great day yesterday. We sailed through Solway Passage and Fitzellan pass with Easy Tiger. Great pics were taken of each other. Off to Hamilton Island marina today to watch the GF. Easy Tiger are West Coast supporters. We will be Hawks supporters!


PS.  A few people have asked about how they can comment on my ramblings … if you click the title of the post you are reading, it will take you directly to that particular post’s page and at the bottom of the page you will find a “Comment” section.  Very clumsy I know.  Will talk to my techno guru!

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