Feeling the love!

By | July 7, 2017

Ahhh … some good internet at last …

What a difference the weather makes to a yachtie!

Yes we like wind and we have had plenty of great sailing here.  Many days of 15-20 knots.  But this last week or so, we have also had what the brochure claims … South Pacific weather!

Today was stunning.  Blue skies, no wind and brilliant clear turquoise water.

We motored out with ET to the Dumbea reef pass.  This section of the outer reef is only a few hours from Noumea.  We anchored in 4 metres of the clearest water.  It was mesmorising.  You wanted to be in it but you also wanted to be looking at it.  The colour and clarity were both stunning.

We felt like we were anchored in a huge swimming pool!

I hope these photos capture some of that South Pacific ‘colour’ …

5 thoughts on “Feeling the love!

  1. Amanda

    Thanks JA! It was a great day at a great spot.

    1. Amanda Post author

      Thanks Barb. We only show you the beautiful pics … of course!

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