The devil is in the detail …

By | August 15, 2012

The devil IS in the detail.  Our fairer is working on the cockpit now, with the transom main sheet track ledge completed and the side alcoves on the way.  Cockpit under-roof next week.  It’s the inside that it’s all happening.  The two electric windows are installed with two actuators on each now.  Much stronger we think.  The fixed windows are in.  Our galley has started with the first ‘carcass’ installed, the second coming Friday.  More to do on the doors though … the detail.  Hoping to pick up some teak later in the week for some trim. Sometimes I’m sure it seems that very little is happening but we feel that the extra flowcoating and glassing is starting to add up. As the benchtops are measured and the vanity cupboards trimmed and toilets fitted the progress starts to become a little more obvious. Doorframes are back on the radar and it’s almost time to get seriously stuck into the wiring. There are over 40 lights to wire up and in the words of the song :’ We’ve only just begun…..’

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