Few ‘little’ jobs

By | August 21, 2013

While the momentum seems to have wavered lately due to work commitments getting in the way, we are hoping we have picked it up again this last week.  With rig here now and all other parts, it’s back to us.  The weather is crappy with an excessive amount of rain over the last few weeks, but it’s cosy inside so it’s the inside jobs, and it’s the fiddly finishing ones.

Bathroom rails, basin and door fixtures.  Grab rails.  And preparation (I really mean tidying) for our cabin table with two pedestals to mount it on.  Hoping that’s in Monday.  Haven’t seen it yet as we have given this important item to a craftsman.  It is the ‘centre-piece’ of the boat so we believe it has to be just right.

Door fixtures … handles, latches and striker plates … have all been tricky decisions (what would we do without the internet) but over time and with much research, we believe we have got it right.  Lots of these ‘little’ things can become big ones as the decisions on which fitting can have consequence for the next fitting.  Try and think ahead at all times!  Few times we have got this wrong but we have managed to find a solution, but if we’d thought ahead, we could have avoided a lot of extra thinking and work!  Particularly with the doors.